"All We want is not only to touch another human being with our hands but with our heart."

Welcome to Ved Gastro Hospital

It is said that, life is the most miraculous thing created on earth. But could there be anything more miraculous than life itself?? Yes…Giving life to someone! Giving someone chance to enjoy the happiness that life offers...Giving someone chance to treasure beautiful moments that life offers…Giving someone chance to enjoy the wonder that life offers, and when that life is free of any health-worries, it becomes most fulfilling!

Ved gastro Hospital team of surgeons specialize in obesity surgery and sleeve gastrectomy obesity treatments. Having obesity consulting centre in Ahmadabad (Gujarat) city, we bring Laparoscopic surgery for obese people who are seeking for weight loss treatments. All our surgeries including bariatric treatment have helped all the patients visiting us.

For healthier life, a healthier mind and body are foremost things- Obesity ruins everything

It is essential to treat obesity for living healthier lifestyle. Ved gastro surgeons, at Gujarat centre, are performing numerous surgeries for controlling excessive obesity in patients on daily basis. If obesity remains untreated, a person may have to suffer with many diseases or health problems.

Health benefits of Obesity surgery treatment:

The treatment helps in preventing and partially controlling-

  • • Diabetes
  • • High Cholesterol
  • • High blood pressure
  • • Asthma
  • • Gallbladder Disease
  • • Low back pain and more

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